Pretty in Pink

Kisa is a playful girl and likes flashing her skirt from behind a tree. Every time she goes behind the tree she takes off an extra item of clothing, until she's fully naked and comes out to show off all her beautiful thick body hair.

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  1. takeshinakagawa says

    She is nice. Like you wrote the other day that you planned to make her video with Harley , I am looking forward to watching it very much. And I also want to watch some video including Harley and man, Kisa and man, if possible.Thanks in advance.

    • Nikki Silver says

      Thanks for your input. Members very rarely request boy/girl but I’m always curious to know what members want! Maybe we’ll make this happen some day.

  2. Beautiful and natural. Nice camerawork, also. Love camera up close – as seen here – and still have
    all of her in full view, from feet to face.

  3. Eivind Niclasen says

    Kisa is a gift to all us hair enthusiasts. I love the fact that she is daring enough to not even shave her lovely face.

  4. She is so beauty. Hermosa.

  5. shackwise11 says

    Kisa is one of your best Nikki, anymore of this calibre always most welcome!

  6. but not well beautiful

  7. I apologize the girl very beautiful

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