Felix looks so cute in her white fur hat spread naked on a white fur in the middle of the redwoods. Enjoy her pleasuring herself to the sounds of nature.

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  1. Felix’s furry features are on lovely display here. Nikki and Felix must hike for miles when they hunt for privacy on the forest floor. Nikki’s camera work frames Felix with perfection, capturing her rising excitement and ending with a gentle rack focus. Love hearing the little whimpers of authenticity escaping from Felix as her breathing accelerates. All in all, another fine example of the new genre of “Hippie Adventure Porn”.

    • Hehe, sometimes we hike for miles and sometimes we luck out. And sometimes I caste a fairy spell around us to cloak us from unfriendly prying eyes, but if you are a true hair lover, then you can see through the spell!

  2. Love the play of shadows across Felix as she plays…. the contrast between her dark hair and pale skin…. and oh my how wet she gets! Amazing video!

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