River Fairy

Lucky you! I got to shoot more of Felix at a beautiful river. Her white bra and panties look amazing all wet as she plays in the river and I get lots of close ups of her hard nipples and hairy bush through the underwear. She even pee's in this video before stripping naked and making herself cum to the sound of the river!

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  1. May have to join the Sierra Club after seeing this!

    I love the woods even more when it is inhabited by nature girls in translucent underwear. A beautiful girl in a beautiful setting with stunning use of lighting… Golly, who could ask for more.

  2. Imagine if Felix had started out as a mainstream adult model instead. She would most probably be unrecognisable a few months into her career; tattoos, hair extensions, fake nails, Brazilian wax treatment and breast enhancements. In other words, a tragedy. Regular porn is about adolescent fantasies with the models more often than not resembling cartoon characters. Everything is exaggerated beyond recognition. Apparently, regular guys are into tiny waists, hairless bodies, little girl voices, oversized fake breasts and an abundance of tattoos and piercings. The end result is grotesque, but more than doubles a girl´s salary in the end.

    This is where a site like NN comes in. Beautiful, natural girls are able to display their own effortless charms in a relaxed and sensual manner. Leading the pack is Nikki herself, warm and lovely and with great skills as both a model and photographer. It´s a privilege to enjoy the evolution of the site, and it would be very interesting to find out how many others share the tastes of NN´s members. It may well be more than people think. Do you have any thoughts on this, Nikki & mecho?

    • Well firstly thanks to both Eivind and Mecho11 for your lovely and ever present compliments.

      As far as Eivind’s remarks on Felix’s possible other life trajectory, I know Felix quite well actually and I know that she would never get breasts implants or many of the other alterations you mentioned, even if some mainstream company had offered her tons of money to do that, it’s just not in her personality. And I do certainly think more people in the world are interested in realistic looking and natural women tham mainstream pornography would have you believe.

      I am very glad to be able to run NaughtyNatural.com and produce the type of pornography I do. So thank you all the members here!

      If you’d like to help NaughtyNatural.com continue to run and grow, you can become an affiliate and promote us on the web and earn $$ yourself! Scroll to the very bottom right of this page and click the big pink button ‘affiliate program’ Or help fund us financially by ordering custom photos/videos, just email me at NikkiSilverNN@gmail.com for more info on that.

      xo, Nikki

  3. Eivind, I think the average American guy would greatly prefer the type of sexuality displayed on NN; however, their image of female nakedness has been badly corrupted. Nikki’s vision of honest sexuality is a scintillating ember which I hope will grow and successfully provide a great alternative to the xxxxxxx porn establishment. Her work in the woods and on the beach shows great respect for nature. I love the way her au-naturel models meld with the beauty of California and just as solar power will eventually destroy coal, Nikki will change American sexuality for the better. The revolution starts here at NN!

    Always be wary of mass culture & marketing. Vast underskirt forces have somehow convinced untold numbers of girls to shave their pubic hair. Is group think that powerful? Have freedom loving Americans lost their will to think for themselves? Throw away those razors before the Zeitgeist demands we cut off something else!

    • We speak the same language. American women have been shaving for almost a century by now. It began in the 1920s, if I am not mistaken. Europeans, meanwhile, have done it every bit as rigorously as Americans have since the early 1990s. I grew up in the glorious 1980s and have fond memories of girls being completely unshaved. It had nothing to do with sexuality as such, and was something that people hardly thought about. It didn´t become an issue until commercials and peer pressure set in 20+ years ago. Around the time of Baywatch debuting on European TV, in fact.
      Going to the hairdresser´s was something to look forward to indeed; the girl, who happened to cut my hair would invariably wear blouses with short sleeves, which meant that their armpits were on display from start to finish. It was a challenge to keep up a coherent conversation, as you can imagine!

      Sweet memories …

  4. shackwise11 says:

    loved this vid, esp since Felix let her leg hair grow to full-term.

  5. Felix looks amazing and I love the setting used! It’s both super erotic and super relaxing at the same time. It’s something you rarely see in porn these days. Keep up the good work!

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