Role Play w/Kisa

Kisa is your new secretary and you just cannot stop staring at her gorgeous hairy arms and legs. Even when she's wearing nylons her dark leg hair just comes right through. She finally confronts you about it and she is not pleased. She forces you to go down on her or she'll report you to HR.

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  1. shackwise11 says:

    a great vid, nice if Kisa had kept the stockings/heels on a bit longer, but still very good, Nikki!

  2. Omg!!! whew ! After 4 mins, i couldn’t hold it in any longer. Shes the reason why i got a subscription and all you other hot hairy girls. that was Awesome ! I gotta go lay down, my legs are like spaghetti . XOXO

    • It’s not just her why i joined…..All you girls are totally hip for growing your hair out. It takes a bold woman to do that when no one else is. I think that’s part of why Im attracted to you……

  3. Hairylover75 says:

    That is a cool Fantasy !

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