Miel and Susan are roomates who like to play together. They start off giggly and nervous but once they get into making out and licking and fingering eachothers hairy pussy's the silliness goes away.

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  1. jcujo420 says:

    I love Susan’s hairy ass!

  2. Susan is exceptionally hairy, more so than myself I dare say. I hope to have her for some solo shoots soon!

  3. This is a truly erotic and beautiful video of two amazingly beautiful women!!!

  4. tgoldfinger says:

    J. Christ this shit is hot. I am like so stoked that I found this site. Of all things I found this site through a VOD site. Love these girls. The shot of the pussy being revealed at the end is fucking priceless. Wish I was sandwiched in between these hotties.

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