Wet and Wild Fun with Sadie

I love myself a free-spirited woman, don't you? They brighten up your day simply by being themselves. One minute they're making you laugh, and the next they're gazing passionately into your eyes while rubbing their hands all over their soft hairy body. My friend Sadie knows how to make anyone's day. She has almost no inhibitions. She gets naked and spreads her hairy pussy and ass on this public beach and has a great time doing it! Her hairy bush gets all wet in the water and this video has lots of awesome close-ups of all her dripping wet body hair. Can you imagine stumbling upon this hairy beauty masturbating in public?! Watching her tongue flick against her pierced nipple as she furiously rubs herself to an explosive orgasm. This video is for you if you enjoy watching a playful all-natural woman exploring their body in the comfort of nature. Lots of detailed close-up shots of water dripping down her hairs, hairy pussy and huge labia worship, and head-snapping orgasms.

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  1. mecho12 says:

    Sadie demonstrates the latest finger swimming technique and is rewarded with a heavy breathing head snapping Orgasm! Swimming develops the best muscles!

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