Sheer Desire

Vestacia just loves moving her body! She strips and dances before masturbating in a variety of positions.

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  1. Eli Sufft says:

    Thank you! Vestacia is so lovely and has such an amazing curvy body. She is a marvel of architecture!

    I always appreciate that you show the models standing nude from head-to-toe, and that is especially true with a girl like Vestacia. Seeing her in all her glory is truly awesome.

    Suggestion: when you do the behind-the-scenes pee videos, can you film it in the same way? It would be great to see a model peeing standing up and see it hitting the ground. (I realize there may be a rule against peeing on the platform, so maybe just in the woods then)

  2. snowlion says:

    Vestacia has a special way of opening up and inviting yu in.

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