Simone and Kisa have Sex

Simone is Kisa's cheer captain. Newbie Kisa Fae really wants to help the team make it to finals but Simone thinks she isn't working hard enough, Simone stretches her out and gets her naked to give her a sports massage in their hotel room while the rest of the girls are out. Simone convinces Kisa that to really relax and let her muscles get loose she must let Simone lick her hairy pussy to orgasm. The rest is history.

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  1. I just love seeing how NN is growing. The material is getting more and more sophisticated with better quality and more elaborate videos, but without losing its authentic edge. I am quite familiar with most of the established hairy sites, but none of them are remotely close to measuring up to Nikki´s vision of what a hairy site should look like.

    • ppicouss says:

      I totally agree. The scenes where Simone licks Fisa’s armpits and Kisa licks Simone’s armpits while showing her hairy ass are a pure delight.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Thank you! I’m very happy with this shoot as well. Simone gave lots of great ideas and input on this one, she basically co-directed!

  2. canklelover says:

    Truly excellent video, Miss Nikki. As E.N. said above, the videos are getting more sophisticated with better production. Loved the closeups of Miss Kisa’s facial hair and their hairy legs side by side. Miss Simone and Miss Kisa were excellent and really looked like they enjoyed each other.

  3. says:

    I did not like the pussy licking camera shots very much, when Simone was eating Kisa’s pussy you should of did a close up pov style camera shot (e.g those look down shots of seeing Simone’s face buried in Kisa’s bush). The side shots was okay but it would of been gold with look down pov camara shots added in, the standards in lesbian porn are very high in 2017 and when you don’t give the veiwers those close up look down shots that they want to see then the scene becomes a hugh disappointment. Its a shame cause these hairy models are great but not having a look down camera shot or two when Simone was eating Kisa ruined it for me, you should of built up to that shot. EPIC FAIL!

    • I take it you are joking. A POV style shot looking down at Simone´s face wouldn´t have shown neither her tongue nor Kisa´s pussy. It would have been pointless and boring. Not looking to slag anyone off here, but I am personally in total agreement with the way the scene was filmed. It´s so good it almost looks like a collection of highlights edited together. Watching the girls lick each other´s armpits felt almost too good to be true, but I would have liked to see more kissing. Apart from that, for me this is the pinnacle of hairy porn!

      • canklelover says:

        Yes, the armpit licking was excellent! Forgot to mention that in my comment.

        Miss Nikki, if you do more shoots with Miss Kisa in NYC on your trip please get more armpit licking. And audible sniffing of all that lovely hair. Especially after a long day out in the hot city heat. Mmm … sweaty hairy lady pits. That would be delicious.

        Would love to see an armpit 69 where you’re licking each other at the same time.

      • says:

        How would it be boring, those looking down shots are the best shots for lesbian scenes. I am a viewer, I want to see mindblowing shots.I did like the shots in this scene but I wanted a couple of look down shots too.

    • says:

      edit… I take the epic fail back, the build up was great and the side shots were decent at least lol.

  4. Nikki Silver says:

    Hehe, I really appreciate that everyone has their own specific shots they really love. When you let me know what they are ahead of time of shooting, I am much more able to incorporate them into shoots. That’s why it pays to stay an active member for more than a few months because I read every comment and when I ask for input before I shoot in blog posts, I collect all the requests and try to do as many possible! I literally have a list that the models and I look at as we are shooting and check off all the requests!

    That’s the beauty of a small, site I am able to fulfill your requests as long as they are reasonable and asked respectfully.

    Anyways, everyone has different tastes and shots they like. Heihachi I recomend you check out the shoot ‘Eden’ with Willow and Ivy – I got some great looking down, face buried in pussy shots. It is true with those shots you cannot see any of the action that E.N. is talking about. I also made sure to get some great video shots of Harley’s face buried in Kisa’s bush but that shoot won’t be out for some time.

  5. says:

    I have seen “Eden”, the look down shots was great in that scene with Willow and Ivy, I want more and more lesbian scenes with look down shots like “Eden”. You can alternate between look down shots (even its just a couple of look down shots) and the shots that E.N likes. Harley’s face buried in Kisa bush sounds fun (when its released), just keep giving me a couple of looking down face buried shots in your lesbian scenes from now on and I will be a very proud/happy member of your website.

  6. Impossible to please all, understood. Toward the end with Kisa Licking Simone’s pussy, didn’t like the close up, which meant all the other parts of her hairy beauty went out view, particularly Kisa’s wiggly hairy ass, curvy hips and thighs.
    Simone a little too rough on her cunnilingus style – slow down & go much easier and softer like Kisa. But guess Simone did O.K. I loved Kisa’s feet curling when climaxing, tho.
    One last request: prefer couches and big chairs seeing the girls in more upright positions.

    • says:

      Yes I agree. It was awkward the way Simone was sitting when Kisa was licking her pussy. Its very hard to get any good hairy pussy licking face buried look down shots with an annoying position like that, just lie down on the bed in a wide open space so we can see those face buried look down pussy licking shots that I crave for everytime I watch hairy Lesbian scenes lol.

  7. Looking forward to a Kisa LiveCam someday-soon. Unless I just missed one. Don’t visit site that often.

  8. Nikki Silver says:

    Wow, I have never gotten so many comments asking for particular shots.

    As you can see, 2 different members asked for opposite things (eating pussy laying down vs eating pussy sitting up) I do my best to incorporate a variety into every shoot and that’s the best I can do unless you’d like to order a custom!

    Just want to let you all know I am reading these comments and taking them into account but I cannot shoot every possible angle of every possible activity in every shoot. I will do my best,


  9. gatoblanco says:

    Its unbelievable how videos can be so sexy and overall good, but you still have people that complain about everything. This was hot in all aspects of the performance. Perfect shots, armpit licking with clarity, and of course girls faces buried in furry places.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      thanks! yes, I am also realizing that I cannot attend to every little ‘i want this to be like x/y/z’ everyone has different tastes and I only have so much time in a day!

  10. naturalover says:

    Charming and playful … love both gals!

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