Sonya Masturbates in the Sun

Sonya's back and ready to rock your world while soaking up some rays in the sunny spot in the garden. In this voyeur-style clip, watch this beauty disrobe and spread her beautiful hairy pussy and ass until she cums. Sonya looks so peaceful as she stretches and writes her thoughts down in her journal. I made sure to get a ton of hairy close-up shots showing off her fuzzy legs, armpits, and bush (of course!) She's such a tease, this one! Her nipples get hard as she explores her body with her curious fingers. After stripping down to her birthday suit, she begins fingering and stroking all of her most intimate parts. Doesn't her ass look so fucking good when she's sprawled out on her side? I love the way the sun shines through the thick dark hairs of her bush and armpits.

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  1. Whatever happens with her? I miss her long time.Say her hello

  2. Chester290 says:

    God, I could munch on her hairy pussy and suck on her big tits all day long.

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