Here it is! The full 50+ minute version of Spellbound! Joey Minx and I are in witchcraft school. Winter is upon us and we decide if we were able to make a spell to have more body hair we could wear skimpy clothes all through the winter! The spell requires our orgasms. We wrestle to see who will be the one to supply the orgasms and I win. I tie Joey's hands above her head, lick her hairy armpits, sit on her face, and lick her unshaven pussy. Eventually I put her into a throat and wrist restraint and bend her over, spanking her gorgeous ass a bit, before fucking her tight pussy with my fingers till she's screaming to cum. Then I put her into a chair designed specifically for eliciting orgasms out of resistant young witches, with ankle and wrist restraints and a hitachi magic wand rigged in just the right place. I lick her hairy legs as she's cumming. After a full hour of orgasm collection we have enough sexual energy for our spell and preform it. Highly recommend downloading! 

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  1. Hey everyone!

    So this is a big file at over 55 minutes! I am having my programmer take away the size limit on files so I can upload the bigger Download version for you guys however that won’t be up till Sunday. I apologize for only having the streaming available right now but if you let it load fully, which may take awhile it will play back just fine.

    thanks for your patience and enjoy the show!

  2. Oh my, what passion has been unleashed here. I think Nikki and Joey may have melted the internet! Their kissing is like lightning before the storm and their lovely hairy bodies are a triumph to behold. Really love the chair bondage and I think Joey liked it too. The vibrator/chair design was absolutely brilliant, simple and effective at the same time. Maybe Nikki should apply for a patent, but first let’s see her in the hot seat too sometime!
    Bravo, Bravo!

  3. This clip took forever to download, including several failed attempts. But it is so worth it! Thank you for not compromising on the quality. It´s a huge file with 55 blissful minutes of female erotica featuring two natural beauties. May this be your best video so far? May well be, though part of that question will always come down to personal preferences.

    This site just gets better and better, Nikki. Thank you from a happy member!

  4. On Xmas eve I watched this video at a friends place on his HD TV. The video quality is so crispy and clear!
    Celebrating the birth of little Jesus worked out really well with Spellbound. We jerked each other off while enjoying this hot movie!

    • Nikki Silver says:

      I love the idea that people are getting together to have viewing sessions of my films on holidays! And jerking off with friends! What could be better!

  5. Bunkiedog says:

    Joeyminx’s pixie haircut is so sexy! Couple that with her beautiful hairy body and WOW just WOW! I absolutely loved the rimming you gave her Niki! I would have gone right for her butt too! An incredible video, and I really like the idea of your site being fair to your models.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      I’m glad you liked this scene, it was super hot to shoot! I do, do my best to be fair to models, it’s hard working within the confines of capitalism but I appreciate your support!

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