Strawberry Girl

Vivi is working hard on the land, pushing around wheelbarrows in the sun. Her short dress keeps blowing up as she works. Soon she gets overheated and has to take it all off and make sure supple and slender body rock with orgasm.

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  1. Excellent camera work and natural light highlight Vivi’s trim body and cute short skirt! Nikki’s selective focus shots frame the action and Vivi’s face at the same time. Always nice to see “Cause & Effect” in the same shot!!

    Vivi’s sweet orgasm is the perfect conclusion to a hot afternoon. Well Done!

  2. BritGuySteve says

    Simply gorgeous. And what a climax!

  3. Omg you make me ache Vivi when you lay on your stomach and lift your butt in the air and show your heaven gorgeous asshole and big hairy pussy, I wish I could lick your heaven asshole for hours and hours!!! 🙂 I can’t believe how beautiful your big hairy pussy is! 🙂

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