Bella looks amazing dancing in the setting sun, her very dark, black body hair set again the light. This gorgeous girl masturbates as the day ends.

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  1. Ck55hm7tuVN5 says:

    Thank you N&N,
    Today I download successfully this video ! Please for the next videos keep the same way (system) you have used for this video !

    About the model, Bella Mae is so beautiful and hairy, what joy !

  2. shackwise11 says:

    great vid and model, hope she does the full range of poses/costumes etc, brilliant!

    • Nikki Silver says:

      We did an indoor day and an outdoor day so lot’s of different looks, poses, etc. However I am curious what you feel the ‘full range’ of poses/costumes are?

  3. manika70 says:

    Wonderfull Girl, I hope i can see in a lesbian scence, like Bela Woman ?

  4. mrpaulw says:

    Bella Mae is absolutely magnificent!! Great job Nikki. Hope to see a lot more videos and picture sets of her!!!

  5. stunning!

  6. DickPerry says:

    Watching Bella dance outdoors is like a Goddess communing with Nature. I love her natural body.

  7. Noob Saibot says:

    The next batch of lesbian scenes you shoot, have this girl be one please.

  8. Ck55hm7tuVN5 says:

    Dear Bella, please keep hairy with long strands your legs,thighs,pussy,armpits,…, do not shave anywhere !
    You’re more natural & exciting !

  9. Ck55hm7tuVN5 says:

    Please Bella’s video taking shower or bath natural, wet & hairy ! Thanks

  10. Ck07hm17tuVN says:

    Please can we see for the next video Bella wet & hairy taking bath/shower, like Harley, Kisa !
    It’s a wonder !

  11. beautiful sexy lady! and great tats too 🙂

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