Welcome new model Rosey. This gorgeous, blonde, California hippie girl has a really furry body. It's blonde so you have to pay attention but she has soft light hair everywhere from her face to her arms, and of course much thicker, darker hair on her bush and armpits. Watch her frolick and pick some berries before getting naked and authentically orgasming.

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  1. mecho11 says:

    Nikki has here provided a sensitive video painting on the joy of nature. Sumptuous use of lighting highlights Rosey’s dew like body hair as she climaxes in the slanting rays of dusk. It is as if Mother Nature herself is experiencing her own ode to Joy! And Spring is just beginning….

  2. BritGuySteve says:

    Great camerawork in this video. The panning, the lighting, the capturing of Rosey’s body hair glistening in the sunlight was perfection.

    Hoping to see more of Rosey too, a real beauty.

  3. We need more Rosey

  4. monkey25045 says:

    Beautiful!!! I love her eyebrows!!!

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