The sunshine felt so good on my body I couldn't help but masturbate. The sun looks amazing on my tanned skin and dark body hair. I give you a tour of my all-natural body then sit down to explore the pleasures that arise. Spreading, stroking, moaning. There's no better place to be. Enjoy.

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  1. You’re lovely.
    Part of what makes this hot for me is the clear, closeup sounds of your voice, your wetness, your breath…

  2. One hot model!

  3. Usefull comment Handsy – audio is very important and something I’d like to work on more, will be sure to get good clear breathing sounds of models in the future.

  4. swimbo1221 says:

    You are absolutely gorgeous. Ive been crazy about you since I first saw you on ATK. I am so glad you started your own site. You have some of my favorite models-maybe you can get Amber from ATK. PLease keep doing your own shoots

  5. One of Nikki’s all time best! The warm sunlight highlights every hair and every beautiful part of her twitching tenderness!! She is imprinted in my mind like a golden sunflower in heat.

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