Super Bush

The gorgeous Carver dances in the window before getting naked and showing off her fluffy bush and super long head hair! Then she sits down to play with a new toy...

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  1. noobsaibot says:

    This super bush babe needs to be in a lesbian scene, do it.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      I think I will! Who would you like to see her with? (give me some options)

      • You, Lilah or Cookie … or all of you !!!

      • noobsaibot says:

        Hmm… I would say Ana Molly (the redhead), she has a very nice thick fire bush and pairing her up with this new super bush model will be great. Its a unique pairing, they both have a different kind of bush thats unique to them. Also they are fairly new to the site, having them do a girl on girl scene with look down pov face buried in bush shots will showcase there bushes beautifully. You are also new models a chance to shine, its good for business lol.

        • noobsaibot says:

          Damn I missed a word, I meant say on the last sentence… You are also giving new models a chance to shine, its good for business lol.

        • Nikki Silver says:

          Carver isn’t new to the site but that’s OK! I think it’d be a good pairing as well! I’ll see what I can do!

          • oh ok, hopefully you can make Carver & Ana Molly happen though. Hey erm, do you think Carver and Kisa Fae are competing with each other on who has the hairiest bush/pussy lol?

          • Nikki Silver says:

            They may be! Too bad you can’t get down on your knees and count the hairs!

  2. Hi Nikki,

    I am pleasant surprised how many types of pubescence exists.
    I am always thankful that there are still women who oppose the dictate of intimate shaving.


  3. The gorgeous Carver is absolutely magnificent! Her pits and bush are just spectacular!!

  4. bushman1942 says:

    Hi Nikki I wish one day someone would put on a fashion show in Vegas with nothing but hairy women modeling everything from elegant after 5 evening wear, sports wear, lingerie and casual clothing (no nudity) just sexy women of all ages, races and sizes working the catwalk to demonstrate how sexy and confident natural women are and that society should accept their natural look just as men are excepted for their natural look

  5. bigbushguy says:

    Wow, Carver is suuuper sexy. Any idea the last time she trimmed?

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