4K! Sweaty + Hairy

Pearl comes back from a walk, grooving in her headphones, she sure is sweaty! What's that? You're dying to sniff, lick and worship her hairy pits and sweaty bush?

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  1. shackwise12 says:

    I think we’ll dubb this the “cooling down” vid, when in fact it got us all pretty darn hot!! We begin with the lovely Pearl walking down the road, past a large vineyard, wearing her pretty “ears” headphones, and looking very relaxed. Back in the garden, and Pearl is obviously now uncomfortably hot and bothered! Standing by a tall wooden fence she does her best to fan herself down, and we can almost sense her hot and sweaty discomfort. We get a lovely shot of underarm hair, and a tantalising glimpse of pubic hair showing under her tight cut-off jeans! Her beleagured moans and sighs are beautifully blended with the surround-sound of nature.Then off comes her boob-tube, to reveal her hairy nipples, and then we are treated to some “breast play” and more armpit shots. Finally off come the shorts, and we see Pearl’s lovely hairy bush! A close-up of leghair is most welcome, and Pearl spreading and smoothing her pussy hair, sublime!! Did she eventually cool-down?, I certainly didn’t, but the vid left me feeling very satisfied ( and horny of course!!). Beautiful camera work Nikki, and another masterpiece for the library!! Pearl has an inherently natural presence with the camera, and is a joy to watch!! Thank you all!!

  2. Lovesnatural5 says:

    Pearl has such a beautiful bush!

  3. How I just love sweat, especially on Pearl, just cannot stop watching this over and over.. 🥰😘😋

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