Tarot Masturbation

Felix loves getting dressed n doing witchy, sexy things alone, it's true! So she put on her fancy garter belt, slipped on some silk stockings and a slinky robe, lite some candles to get ready to pull a tarot card and see where the night takes her. Luckily the card she pulls is one encouraging her to explore her kinkier side with candle wax, vibrators and dildos.

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  1. Nikki Silver says:

    FYI both streaming and Download are working fine now!

  2. Eivind Niclasen says:

    Good job, Nikki! CanĀ“t wait to see Felix again, one of my favourites on NN, even if what counts as average on here is sky high, in my opinion. Gorgeous girl.

  3. shackwise11 says:

    super erotic! love the stockings ( of course )!

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