I am so pleased to release this amazing video featuring my real life lover, Fox! She is so sexy, sensual and knows how to touch, lick and fuck me just right! That's right, finally I get dicked down with her strap and it feels soooooo good!

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  1. person123abc says:

    Insanely hot like all of your lesbian videos. This one is extra hot with strap-on action. All the angles are amazing. I especially love the POV pussy eating—out of this world hot… I love seeing hot Nickki’s face buried in a big bush that is all over her face and tongue. The cowgirl riding at the end is incredible. Any chance you can do a POV view of the strap-on action next time? Girl with strap-on holds camera and films. I especially want to see that POV in missionary and cowgirl. Thanks so much for another fantastic video and your consideration.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! I’ll be sure to add in some POV strap on next time. I haven’t shot much strap on so I’m not sure what shots you all like so feel free to chime in/give more input!

  2. Arizona Cowboy says:

    Nikki, this is such a great video, one of your best in a whole string of besties. You both were so into each other and then I see where you referred to Fox as your real life lover, which explains it all. Those close up scenes of each of you eating ass were such a turn on. And the close up POV scenes of each of you eating each others beautiful pussy was superb! You know nothing is fake when you can see and hear the grool. The 4K camera work was absolutely outstanding. I think Fox would be great in a future “Casting Couch” video. Thank you for your outstanding work.

  3. frederic thibault says:

    awesome videos nikki this is very sensual and sexy

  4. Scoobyd00byd00 says:

    Amazing! More teva shoots and vids please!

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