The Lesbian Gaze

I chat with Fox while she touches herself. Put on your headphones for this one friends! The first hairy, lesbian ASMR video! With a surprise ending... I just couldn't help myself. Filmed by a special friend.

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  1. mariochile says:

    I love it. 😍😍

  2. gatoblanco says:

    Very hot. Even the close up of Fox’s face were erotic. I was wondering if the close friend was Rodney Moore. He kind of pioneered the hairy girl videos in the early ninetys. I remember when you were several of the Seattle hairy girl movies too. Great job again! I hope the phrase ” the lesbian gaze” is coined. I like it very much, and it is my absolute favorite veiw in an erotic video.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      LOL. No, Rodney Moore is not a close friend. The only reason he pioneered them in the early 90’s is because I was only a child then. Clearly I haven taken over. I used to model and produce content for him. He had a good eye for the fetish but the quality of his work is…. not so good.

      This was a fun video Fox and I made with a sexy friend of ours. I just coined the phrase ‘the lesbian gaze’ – I copyrighted it actually. Probably will make a series/DVD at some point. xo

      • says:

        I always turned Rodney’s movies off when it got the the part of the show where the ridiculous mechanical dildo chair was introduced lol. Did nothing for me at all. Just downloaded this one, cant wait to watch! All Hail Nikki, The Empress of Hair!

  3. AceSC_93 says:

    Fantastic. I love it too!

    Wonderful work as always.

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