Touching Her

Now I want to know what you all think of this! Juliette is rather kinky so I thought, hey why not and it really turned me on making it. I'd love to do one of these types of POV videos with any of the future models that are interested but I want to know your opinions, and please be as detailed as possible!

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  1. Nikki, this is amazing…I love it. Juliette is so beautiful anyway, but with the camera so close to her body and knowing you’re holding it and in control is seriously hot. I’d love to see her arms strapped down high above her head and watch your POV as you made her take your pussy until you came over her lips. Then watch as you strapped a fat cock to you and licked her and teased her and made her soaking before you…SO much more to say! x

    • Yes I agree. I thought handling the camera while being so distracted fondling and fucking her would be hard but actually it wasn’t that hard and turned me on a lot. I’m going to see what future models are interested in a similar scenario so watch out!

  2. Great video Nikki! Yes, more like this would be great. POV is very seductive.. you film it and let a guy do the scene with the model would also be great!

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