Usnea’s Fern Fantasy

Usnea wanted to go out into nature to shoot. She didn't even want to start out with any clothes on! A true natural beauty, this one!! She explores the log, experiencing the different textures against her skin as she lays down against the lichen. Can you tell that the forest makes her feel alive? She looks so open and welcoming as she spreads her hairy pussy toward the camera. Her arm propped back behind her head to show off those gorgeous hairy pits of hers! She gets so hot in this video, breathing fast and hard as she strokes her beautiful natural pussy to orgasm. Don't you wish you were that log? The way she grinds and humps against it almost seems as if she's imagining a nice fat cock underneath her. I made sure to capture close-ups of her juicy pussy after she came. Her meaty lips looked so kissable with all of her divine juices oozing out of her. Gorgeous as always.

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  1. DarkRyzome says:

    I was getting turned on by the thought of the sensations of that log rubbing on her ass as she came!

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