Vestacia sits on your face in her white lingerie. Her fluffy, blonde bush smashed into your face as you can't help but lap at her beautiful pussy.

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  1. Spectacular!

  2. mrtallpaul says

    OMG, Vestacia has THE most desirable thighs, hips and ass!!!
    I Love these lingerie sets you do with the models, Nikki.
    She can set that magnificent bush on my face anytime she wants!!

  3. This is great! I love how she’s not doing the dominatrix-thing, but is being nice to the viewer. I especially like the shots from behind, 12:00-13:07. More please! I wouldn’t mind seeing an even closer shot of that, or maybe a similar shot where she’s in bed on her hands and knees (where she doesn’t have to strain her legs to hold that squatting position).

  4. I’d love a video where instead of saying “don’t touch, just watch,” she’s instead begging us to touch her, lick her, fuck her, etc, and pretending it’s actually happening.

  5. None of my comments are meant to be truly critical, Nikki, I’m just trying to give some feedback… I think you want to hear what your fans like, and I think there are other fans that might agree with me. But in general you do great work Nikki, I’m so glad that you do what you do, producing good-vibes porn for all of us who love “natural” women. Please keep it up, and I will always keep coming back for more.

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