Welcoming Spring

Just enjoying the great outdoors, the springy green grass, the sun on my body, enjoy.

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  1. mariochile says:

    you are wonderful, always the best videos and in this world quarantine, seeing your videos make the situation much better, thank you

  2. shackwise12 says:

    love you Nikki!

  3. lrattley says:

    Nikki, u have a free statue of liberty cruise on the the hudson when all this crazieness is over. capt. larry luvs your hairiness.if u want to come back to jersey. liberty landing marina. stay health hairy and beautiful. luv the web site.

  4. lrattley says:

    stay well!!!!! Please

  5. Stay committed, stay safe and stay strong! We’re all in this pandemic together.

  6. neversaydie says:

    You are absolutely Stunning!!!
    Hope when all this nightmare is behind us I can try and connect.
    In the meantime Just be cautious with your Precious, Inimitable self.

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