Wet, Thick Hair

Frankie probably has the darkest, thickest individual hair's of anyone I've shot. Something out her bush hair just blows me away. Especially when it is wet, like in this video! Do not miss it!

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  1. jstewart says:

    Love her facial hair Nikki! You nailed it with the close ups. She is sexy as hell!

  2. zoo.key.knee says:

    this is some pretty avante garde porn
    with the slow belly shot, and mouth/lips shot….makes me wonder if you did a entire video in that style, like the koyaanisquatsi of pornography. put some phillip glass music in there with the moans.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Ya know it’s always a balance for me between the art and delivering the shots that you all want. I know there is overlap (like the slow sensual close ups) but at the end of the day I gotta pay the bills! You are more than welcome to comission an art film of your favorite model from me though. 😉

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