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New HD Video of Cookie soaping up and showering off her beautiful all natural body in the shower!

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  1. There are many things that set NN apart from other membership sites. One of the best ones is that it actually pays off to comment on videos and picture sets. Water running down a beautiful natural female body is a sight to behold, and yours truly is one of those who have mentioned that fact in passing. We wish for it, Nikki makes it come true!

  2. I want to say Cookie that you are the most perfect woman I have ever seen in my life with the most perfect, gorgeous, dream hips, thighs and the biggest, most round butt on earth, you are genetic heaven on earth! Those are the most gorgeous panties I have ever seen, showing your gorgeous pussy hair right through! Nothing takes me to heaven on earth more than seeing your big, gorgeous, dream beautiful hairy pussy, my cock is throbbing in ecstasy! Your big butt belongs in the Guinness Book of Records as the most perfect on earth; I would have loved to see it spread open to see your gorgeous asshole hair! Your pussy lips are so gorgeous! I would love to smell the scent of your hairy pussy before you showered like you smell the scent of those flowers in the end!

  3. Our creator’s greatest gift, to us, is sexual urges. As part of this gift, she/he, gave us Pubic Hair.
    Every time I see a female nude photo, the shaved model looks like she is 6 years old. Ladies, grow your
    pussy hair back!

    • You speak truth, sir. Here in the far reaches of northern Europe, the shaved look became mandatory in the early 1990s. Prior to that, body hair was as natural as head hair, and nobody saw any reason to talk about it. It was just there, so to speak. With the ascendancy of Pamela Anderson (at least, that is how I remember it), all signs of genital follicles were banned practically overnight, which also means that Europeans younger than, say, 40 came of age in an era that suddenly began defining hairless adults as “natural”. Apparently, height, testicles, menstruation and breasts were now the sole attributes separating them from children.

      The appreciation of natural, unshaved women is still something that people tend to keep to themselves. Not many are brave enough to speak openly about their preference for natural women, so a site like NN automatically becomes a breathing space for those of us, who deviate from the current norm. How bizarre it is to have to use a word like “deviate” to describe a personĀ“s preference for what is natural and timeless!

  4. What. A. Beautiful. Woman. Cookie is absolutely lovely with her perfect hairy body !! I particularly enjoy the part she shows her incredible hair on pussy. That moment is pure magic.

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