Imagine you are in bed with Louise, it's early in the morning and the light is coming through your window. She pulls the sheets over your heads and starts flirting with you, begging you to take her nightgown off. She can't help but start touching herself and slips a butt plug in while rubbing her clit to orgasm...

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  1. Louise 13 has a lovely smile above her girly slip…her body is like hairy candy wrapped in white counterpoint… leading the eye to focus on her sensual essentials. Nikki’s elegant videography has once again captured a moment to remember!

  2. chuckie1989 says:

    operation ivy rules

  3. Robert Nagiel says:

    The mole on your left leg, just below your vagina, & just above your ass, as if the artist who made you left her mark, to say she was really proud of this one – the way you flush pink in the throes of passion – And that impish giggle that says you know & enjoy the effect you have on the viewer. These endearing features mark the difference between a beautiful woman, and an unforgettably beautiful woman!

  4. Louise13 says:

    Mph, I just watched this for the first time ever and am so inspired & I love it so damn much. Can’t wait to (hopefully) shoot with you soon!<3

    And thank you everyone for the positive feedback, I'm glad you love this video!

    • Yay, I’m happy you like it! I really love the effect of the white sheet(check out Harley Hex’s white sheet as well) and yes! Would love to shoot more of you anytime!

  5. Bring back Ivy!!!!!

  6. Bobbyf22 says:


    You’re a genius!!! That hairy ass shot with her feet up in the air was amazing.

    I’m in love


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