Whose the Hairiest of them all?

Kisa and Harley have both been told they are the hairiest girl around. Finally they meet and put the rumors to rest, who is hairier? How can they resist, touching, fondling and licking each others all natural and hairy armpits, legs and beautiful pussy's!

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  1. Très très belle vidéo, comme d’habitude.

  2. Is this the pinnacle of hairy bliss? It must be. The only question remaining for me is this: Where does NN go from here? Surely, it can´t get any better than this, although I am certain Nikki is up for the challenge!

  3. nonpareil says


  4. bushman1942 says

    I don’t know if this can be topped. This was the sexiest hairiest video I have ever seen ! don’t know how you could top this. Maybe shoot a threesome with that hairy red head Roxanne. All that red body hairy mixed in with those two dark haired beauties and watching Harley having her sweaty hairy armpits sniffed and licked after she has worked in the garden. That sweaty armpit bush scent would be intoxicating

  5. I would be the third in every competition. That is really embarrassing for a man who is believing to be an adult. Lisa and Harley are far superior. I just can adore them.

  6. keithperna10 says

    this is one the best again you amazed me again NaughtyNatural,,,what an awesome scene. The clear shots the angles on girls all perfect. Kisa is one of my favorite,,,than with Harley another favorite ..Man what a hot scene …i hope we get more lesbian scenes like these…Bring it on…This site is Awesome

    Thanks so much for all the work…

  7. hi i been watching this vid many times and i ve noticed that theres no scene on the video where kisa fae licking harley’s ass like its showing on the video clip before we click it to play….is there a second part of it?? if anyone here see it..plz tell me the time frame for that scene….thanks

    • Nikki Silver says

      It may be that we didn’t do that in the video. It’s hard to have both models do all of every possible activity. (think about how many delicious hairy parts both models have!) Hope you enjoyed the video anyway!

  8. nikki or anyone else here plz help me wth my enquiry….thanks again

  9. I love the look down pussy licking camara shots, they are wonderful 👍. Thank you Nikki for giving me what I want to see 🙂.

  10. cont… it shows just how thick/hairy Kisa’s bush is.

  11. gatoblanco says

    This was one of the sexiest hairy girl-girl videos I’ve ever seen. Both models are top notch and stunningly beautiful. Lots of great foreplay and kissing.

  12. artsychiguy says

    So speechless with my tongue wagging for more. Orgasm city with these two hairy twins. Hairtastic Duo!?

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