Wild Woman

Liv is truely a wild little spirit. She plays with her knife, relishing the feel of the cold metal on her lips and chest(don't worry, it was very dull) before disrobing and rubbing her hairy pussy through her panties. She gets fully nude and makes herself cum in the tall grass.

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  1. Wonderful! Nikki, I really love the calm and serene pace of your videos. Very nice indeed. Thank you!

  2. mecho11 says:

    Totally agree with Rick. It’s such a joy to see a model be herself without the over direction used on other sites. Nikki has a real talent for letting her models enjoy themselves in their own manner while still creating an artistic video. Liv would look good in any setting, but the beauty of a wild women is always enhanced by Nikki’s great locations.

  3. Gorgeous!!!

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