Harley looks like a perfect woodland goddess, just having some alone time in the woods. She strips from her pretty white dress and shows off her gorgeous, all natural body before masturbating. Lots of close ups!!

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  1. Yet again I feel as if I am watching a custom clip generously directed and filmed to fit my personal tastes. This is what happens when a website owner read comments and suggestions, and listens and pays attention to the members of a site. This is a phenomenal video, taking hairy porn to the next level. I was, from time to time, a paying member of various hairy sites prior to finding NN, but haven´t even considered anything else since joining Nikki´s labour of love a few years ago. Thank you, Nikki, for always aiming to not only maintain NN´s impressive standards, but actually improving the site on a constant basis.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Aw you are so welcome as always E.N. ! Your compliments never fail to impress, I’m afraid it’s a quite a standard for others to live up to! And thanks for recognizing how much time I spend figuring out how to incorporate feedback into shoots!

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