I strip and show off my large, all natural breasts with their thick, dark hairs around my nipples. Really feeling my breasts right now and how large they are, do you like them?

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  1. NN is getting better on so many levels, even considering the high standards of the site´s humble beginnings. This video is one that raises my temperature, but also one that I can chill to. The pace is so pleasant and unhurried. The colours are vivid and beautiful, the close ups are breathtaking and leading to what I can only imagine to be the logical next step in a Naughty Natural video – speculum time!

    Am I right, Nikki? 😉

  2. Hi Nikki,

    first i am happy that i am back to your fantastic empire of hairy girls. You become more pretty from movie to movie.
    It’s again and again beautiful to see how gentle touch yourself. In this movie you are so cute in your red dress. I believe you are more hairy than at the past time or I am wrong? That’s great.
    The close ups of your movie was amazing. Very good picture quality and colors.

    The only problem for me is that i cannot all understand what you say, because i have not so much conversation in english language about dirty talk. But I will improve myself.

    I’m already exciting about your next solo.


  3. promwixxi14 says:

    woooowwwww! this is your best video ever !!
    this “stressless” closeup – moments are very erotic (btw. do a siteshot from your bush the next time please)
    your underwear looks classical and very tasty, your red shirt is beautiful.

    ….and E.N. says it right : you should thinking about a speculum-scene. We wanna see your cervix miss nikki …!

  4. Wow Nikki. Your boobs look bigger every time I see them. What size are they now? You look hairier too. Looks like more nipple hair, and your bush looks even thicker.

  5. CunningLinguist says:

    One more pro-speculum vote, here! And I can only agree about Nikki getting more beautiful with every video. It’s like she gains confidence with each and every shot.

  6. igorros2000 says:

    Hi Nikki! Big fan 🙂

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