Yoga Instructor Role Play

Lilith Luxe is your new in home yoga instructor. She's very in touch with her body and wants to help you get in touch with yours. Trouble is you just can't seem to stay focused on following her instructions as she's so sexy, in her tight yoga pants, with her barefeet and hairy armpits exposed. She catches you watching her and decides to find another way to get you in touch with your body. Don't miss the very end of this video where her delicious hairy pussy trips thick, white cum. She loves telling you what to do!

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  1. schnaps111 says:

    Lilith is a great model. I love the way she talks to the camera and interacts with it. You really feel like you are sitting right next to her. This makes you feel much more like being part of the scene and interacting with the model than just being a voyeuristic viewer from the distance. I love this type of interaction.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Yes! Whenever I gather that a model may excel at this type of one sided role play, I always try to get at least one video of them doing it! I personally find it really fun and hot!

  2. DickPerry says:

    This video of Lilith is amazing. She is a sexy woman – of love her voice, body and lovely face. She is so good at arousal. I’m glad she’s not my yoga instructor though – my practice would suffer greatly! LOL

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