Zooey and Usnea Sunbath

Me, Usnea and Zooey went to a park and were going to just do a few photos but the girls started chatting and were just so cute I had to video tape. Things get a little sexy, with boob sucking and hairy pussy flashing but still a little too public to go all the way. Look for part 2 of this hot duo up soon.

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  1. Robert Nagiel says:

    This is an instructive kissing tutorial for men!

  2. gatoblanco says:

    This is proof that a video doesn’t have to get too explicit, and still be sexy as hell. Great kissing and the hot, sweaty armpits are definitely a turn-on.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Glad you liked it! This is an older video but I have been thinking about doing some experimental more public stuff, where I really don’t know how explicit we’ll be able to get. Would that be of interest?

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