Zooey and Usnea Flirt and Kiss in the Sunshine

Usnea, Zooey, and I went to a park with the plan to snap a few photos, but the girls started chatting and were just so cute that I had to videotape! It all starts with innocent gossip, talking about the men they've been dating and whether or not they've been seeing any women. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, things are getting heated! You can feel the magnetism as Zooey leans over to take Usneas sunglasses off before pressing their soft lips against one another. It's so hot watching the two of them flirt with and explore each other's uniquely hairy bodies! Usnea gets behind Zooey and offers some amazingly sensual neck kisses before sliding her shirt down for some extra naughty breast play. The way she massages and caresses Zooeys' beautiful breasts is such a turn-on to watch. Even I was getting all hot and bothered while filming!!! After a nice breast massage, Usnea gets onto her hands and knees and offers herself up for Zooey to toy with. In between kisses, she teases and rubs Usneas hairy pussy above her yellow polka-dot panties. It was a little too public to go all the way... but that's the fun of it, wouldn't you agree?

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  1. Robert Nagiel says:

    This is an instructive kissing tutorial for men!

  2. gatoblanco says:

    This is proof that a video doesn’t have to get too explicit, and still be sexy as hell. Great kissing and the hot, sweaty armpits are definitely a turn-on.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Glad you liked it! This is an older video but I have been thinking about doing some experimental more public stuff, where I really don’t know how explicit we’ll be able to get. Would that be of interest?

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