Zooey’s Harp

Zooey is so fun. She loved posing with this amazing harp. It's so cute and sexy the way she noodles around in her high heels and fancy dress. Doesn't she have the most alluring charm? With that gorgeous smile, her piercing eyes, and those amazing hairy legs of hers! She takes her time as she strips out of her cute dress and pink heels. Feeling all of the different textures from the mix of lingerie and her soft velvety skin. Aren't her tan lines so hot?! The way she teases you with her succulent breasts and that nice round ass of hers. Whew! She knows how much a good tease drives you wild. After stripping down to her hairy birthday suit, she lays down to give you a final show. Rubbing her juicy pussy to the perfect orgasm, of course! Zooey is so hot, squirming and humping her way to oblivion. I get a nice close-up of her swollen hairy pussy after she came. She's such a dream this one!

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  1. mecho12 says:

    Zooey knows how to play her furry harp and it’s an Orgasmic tune she really enjoys. Bet she practices a lot.

  2. Mark Babbitt says:

    Love the shots from behind with cheeks open. Nothing like a beautiful girl with a hairy ass.

  3. Robert Nagiel says:

    Zooey reminds me, a bit, of Lenah Dunham. She is so unassuming. Then, she takes off her clothes and WHAM!!!!!!!!! That’s what I call the WOW factor. Zooey’s WOW factor is off the charts! There isn’t an inch of her that is not spectacular!
    And when she sits back in the chair, setting to her work in earnest, and those doe eyes begin to smolder – Now a smile – Now a glance toward the ceiling – as she rises to her climax. And we feel like a nap, or a cold shower.

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