Zooey’s Private Forest

Zooey takes me to one of her favorite spots in the woods. She says she likes to dress up and bring lovers here. Don't you love the look of wooly legs and heels? She's so cute, heels in the woods! An all-natural androgynous beauty. She leads us to a secluded spot to strip down into her birthday suit-- showing off her bare feet and all of those natural hairy curves of hers! Her butt looks so good as she slides her panties down around her knees. Squeezing and spreading it to give us a peek of her fragrant bush. After a nice tease, she pulls her panties down around her ankles and spreads her pussy wide. The way she fucks and rubs her hairy cunt on the forest floor-- it's almost as if she's done this before!!

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  1. Robert Nagiel says

    WOW!!!!! She let her splendid breasts out to play, a lot more. I do hope she does another video with somebody (like a certain Nikki). Some eager lips, tongue, teeth, hands, other bits, should give her the thorough loving she deserves.

  2. Clemente says

    Stunning! So naturally as suddenly as she started, never suspected to, to please herself with her finger continuing then so naturally and innocently, adorned by all of her fine hairiness, it was a boost of sensuality and sexiness once more to me. A so lovely women in any sense!!

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