4K! Hairy Tarot Lesbians

Pearl is back for her 2nd Tarot reading from Brujx. I guess a sexy romp between these 2 was just in the cards! The assertive Pearl can't keep her hands off the sensual MILF Brujx and worships her beautiful all natural body from head to toe before bringing her back to the 'sex room' to ride her face and give her an earth shattering orgasm.

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  1. OswaldCobblepot says

    I love it , Pearl is my fantasy 🔥 🤩🥰

  2. shackwise12 says

    A super 46 mins + of Pearl and Brujx in intimate contact! Filmed initially under a lovely leafy tree in Nikki’s garden ,with attendant bird calls and wind rushes, the two beauties commence to kiss passionately with super moans and sighs! Off come the tops, for an armpit and nipple licking session, then down to just panties, with lovely hairy bushes protruding! Pearl suggests going indoors, so to the bed we go, where Brujx gives Pearl’s hairy bottom a good licking, followed by her pussy! All the while increasingly exciting vocals add to the saga! Pearl appears on top of Brujx, with passionate mouth to mouth kisses, then she reciprocates, licking Brujx’s bottom, with spittle and gorgeous tonguing! Finally that pussy is attended to, giving Brujx cause to moan loudly and with great passion, as she reaches that glorious climax! Pearl’s hands caress Brujx’s breasts and body, as they wind down from their intense coupling!! Oh my, a classic vid to be sure, professionally produced and to be enjoyed by many !! More great work Nikki !!

  3. so incredibly hot. I love watching pearls lesbian scenes it seems like she is down for anything. the armpit licking and ass licking was insane.

  4. Fantastic, Pearl”s very bushy pussy was so hot in this scene that it made Brujx’s face go red during the facesitting part off this.

  5. truloverofhairywomen says

    Wow that was hot…

    the only thing missing was Nikki


  6. The ass smelling and eating was fantastic. I would love to bury my tongue deep in both hairy tight ass holes

  7. nakeddad69 says

    “tongue punch me” thats awesome!

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