4K! Super Hairy Ass

What better way to display Olive's amazing super hairy ass and bush then getting her all wet at the river? Please give a warm welcome to my new favorite model!

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  1. Welcome Olive. You are amazing. Thanks for sharing your body with us. Love your treasure trail. I’ve only scene East Indian women with treasure trails that thick. Stay safe. Much LOVE.

  2. this woman is so beautiful!!! Love it all she is so natural and sexy!! Hope we see much more of her!!! Olive you are one gorgeous lady!!! Nice thick body hair!

  3. takenakagawa1 says

    Wow! Following Olive’s debut photoset a few days ago, this video is also amazing! Thanks to 4K, I could enjoy Olive’s every inch of wild and gorgeous hair so much with such a fantastic clear image. All of her hairy assets including spectacular treaure trail and ass & jungle bush look even more attractive, thicker and darker, to me than ever. So stunning! In addition to her supreme hairy assets, her bright and lovely smiling face with beautiful white teeth and cool hair style with a cute bandana in the beautiful nature, got this video finished outstanding level! Thank you two, Olive and Nikki for your great job. And I expect much more to come soon not so far away.

  4. frederic thibault says

    very very beautiful girl more of her

  5. shackwise12 says

    Olive by and in the water!! In buoyant, happy mood, with a colorful bandana in her hair, wearing cut-off shorts and a white top, we find Olive on the edge of a beautiful, babbling pool of tempting water! Hoop earrings complete Olive’s super seductive appearance! With mischievious giggles, Olive displays her lovely hairy armpits,caressing the gorgeous thick hair! With lyrical, background birdsongs, Olive pulls her shorts up , temptingly over her shapely bottom! With moans and sighs, Olive rubs her hands over her body, bends over, then rubs her armpits, “gettin kinda sweaty”, we hear, shorts off!, Olive pulls at her thong,then off comes the top!, glorious Tres Trail on display!, “pretty tiny” says Olive, of her thong!! Olive now kneels in the water and bounces up and down, splish.splosh!, pulls at the thong! Olive splashes water onto her armpits, sighs and moans,turns round, then glances back to camera, lovely close-up of super bottom, off comes that thong, Olive pulls her ass cheeks apart, splashing water on her pussy, lots of giggles, “oh yeah”! we hear, gorgeous clit appears!, wet hairy legs, omg things hotting up!! Olive rubs her pussy to birdsong accompaniment, “so wet” Olive utters, Oh f*ck, yeah! masturbation, great close-ups!!, that wonderful water audio, fingers in!!, legs up, increasing masturbation, “yeah, yeah”!!, clit massaging, O my G*d yeah!, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!, gentle wind down sighs and groans of pleasure, wind sounds , Olive licks her fingers and “cut” !! Super debut vid from a most promising addition to Nikk’s model line-up!! Fabulous setting great camera work “Nikki!!!”, and looking forward with anticipation to many more super erotic masterpieces!!

  6. Nikki, I think you found a beautiful sexy hairy doll this time. Hope to see more of her!

  7. Splendid ! It’ll be very beautiful for the next video inside in the bathtub with Olive’s wet hairy body, please !

  8. Amazing trail to paradise! Incredible hairy body! Bring her back for more videos soon please.

  9. bushman1942 says

    OMG !!! Nikki has done it again. She finds more hairy gems then a miner finds diamonds. I can’t wait to see her lose her mind in that breath taking mountain of hairy ass and pussy. I could just imagine a threesome with Lisa Fae, Harley Hex and Olive Wren. Look at that treasure trail road to that hairy dark moist cave.

  10. Fantastic but rocks couldnā€™t have been comfortable for a climax. Get her on a bed hardcore strap on girl on girl really show off her fabulous charms

  11. I hope we see a video of Olive combing and brushing her hairy assets and then getting all soapy before a shower or bath.

  12. charliedawden says

    Incredibly sexy. Would love to see Nikki and her in a scene. Please get her back for more

  13. What a crazy hot full hairy Lady!!! Thank you Nikki!!!!

  14. I want see this woman in a lesbian scene but not with Nikki Silver though, Nikki Silver has had too many lesbian scenes so let another hairy woman on here do a lesbian scene with Olive Wren instead please.

  15. Would love to see a scene with a male fucking her.

  16. More please
    She is soooooo hot

  17. You’re really great
    Your arms, armpits, belly, feet
    And the sexiest part is ass and its holes
    Juicy pussy
    If I see you, hold me
    I want to fill my face with bushy hair.

  18. Hairyforlife says

    She’s so hot, love how hairy she is and how thick it is. Wonder if she can grow any facial hair ? If so, it would be so cool to see and with Kisa comparing.

  19. CrispyTacoFriend says

    She is Amazing, perfect hairy woman!

  20. I would love to see Olive have sex with a male too

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