Hairy Blonde Ambition

Emerald just got back from work and her tight, pencil skirt is too restraining. She first removes her blouse and black bra and then her tight skirt. I know you can't enough of beautiful Emerald so enjoy!

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  1. Very interesting and appealing woman. The opening few minutes her sitting upright and camera showing all from feet to face was my favorite. Lying down I lost interest immediately and went on to the next video. Views of her body not as good; everything flattens out and can’t see as much.

  2. Classy and understated. I like her alot.

  3. CaliBoy909 says

    Please do!!!

  4. So in love

  5. snowlion says

    I love this woman. Her softness and erotic sensitivity is palpable. Loved her by the river.

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