Blonde in the sun

Follow Vestacia in this POV river fun video ending with Vestacia masturbating in the river as the sun sets!

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  1. Shorterton says

    Good one Vestacia. I’d like to find the river that you are lifeguarding, maybe you can read me one of your’e storybooks, then we can see who can push the other one first. Keep up the good work.

  2. AceSC_93 says

    Fantastic! I always love to see Vestacia.

  3. In this video, Nikki has perfectly captured what makes Vestacia uniquely appealing. She has the indulgent curves of a pagan goddess and a persistent smile that makes her seem one step removed from mundane routine. She moves with an otherworldly grace that makes her an object of admiration and even worship more than simple desire. This video is incredible and much needed during these strange times.

    Thank you for bringing us more of this remarkable woman.

  4. Shorterton says

    Good to see you back again lifeguard VJ, I was wondering where you you might have disappeared.

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