Free Woman

Vestacia is a pent up business woman who ran away to the woods to get free and get back into her body! She shows up in a prim, white button down shirt and pencil skirt but quickly rips off her clothes so she comun with the tree's fully naked, finally laying down to orgasm under the bay laurel trees!

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  1. OK, I have to be honest. When I first saw the the screen capture of this video, I thought the leaves above and below the right breast were new tattoos. :)!!!!

    Vestacia, you are beautiful!!!! Awesome video!!! Thank you!!
    Nikki, if life were fair, you should be getting an Oscar soon. Great work!! Thank you!!!

    • Nikki Silver says

      Thank you so much, you are right, I should be getting an Oscar! As well as all my amazing models. I’ll be releasing a scene very soon which I am particularly proud of the cinematography, etc, and am submitting it to various porn festivals!

  2. gatoblanco says

    Nice video. Vestacia is a very beautiful woman. Would have loved to see more sweaty armpit shots though. As usual, great job!

  3. VestaciaLove says

    WoW!!!! From the very beginning with Vestacia walking thru the woods with her “office outfit” & hair up to her masturbating and leaves raining down on her this video is an erotic work of high art. Vestacia immersed in nature is SO HOT, and Nikki you really know how to make it more alluring than I had ever imagined! Thanks for your vision and for creating such a great site. You & Vestacia rock my world!! Bravo.

    • Nikki Silver says

      Hi, thanks for the compliment and noticing the leaves raining down! I spend lots of time and effort putting these little touches into content and always think that only one it’s pleasing is me, so thanks for noticing!!

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