Hairy Squirter

Coral has an amazing 4K of her squirting and lucky for you here is another one! Check out her gorgeous hairy pussy squirting from multiple angles and croppings!

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  1. Anyone who thinks squirting is always “just peeing” needs to watch this wondrous display. Not only is this erotic it’s downright educational!!

  2. nstymacd1 says

    Hot scene but why do you zoom in so close that you can’t see her feet (a common thread with almost all of the videos) Being able to see her feet during the whole thing would put all of the scenes over the top.

    • Nikki Silver says

      Most people are neutral about feet and would rather see pussy, body, face, armpits etc closer in. Most models don’t masturbate with their feet tucked close to their bodies. I have shot some feet focused content and it’s in the category ‘feet,’ but this is not a foot fetish site so not every video or photoset is going to focus on feet.

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