Hairy Workout

Kisa works out her hairy all natural body to stay toned and strong! Watch her lift some weights and pour water on her body to cool off before coming inside to masturbate as the completion of her hairy work out!

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  1. I can´t believe no one has commented on this video yet. I personally find this one to be among the most enjoyable and exciting videos on all of NN. It´s a big claim, sure, but this experience had me pausing a lot during its 16 minutes or so; the close ups are breathtaking and I dare anyone to watch this without cumming before the five minute mark. With some of the other well known models on NN already established names before being featured on here, I reckon Kisa to be Nikki´s biggest find. There is nothing I dislike about Kisa, I even managed to get used to that ugly, oversized chain tattoo on her left thigh.

  2. gatoblanco says

    Kisa is one of the most beautiful models ever. Her giggle is even very attractive. As for the “ugly” chain tattoo on her leg…it never seems to amaze me how mother fuckers don’t realize that people get tattoos for themselves, and not to please other people. Being a large chain that is attached to her body on one end and the other end is broken. probably signifies that she has broken her chain. Psycologically reminding herself that she has broken the chain of something that may have repressed her during her life. Could have been some form of abuse, timidity, low self esteem, any number of things. Only Kisa probably really knows. She is actually a living, breathing human being with hopes, fears and weaknesses and strengths, Remember?
    Not just an image for dick jackers to get off on. The work is actually quite good. Smooth shading, well rounded outlines…it tells me that a professional did it. Body art is done for most people to remind themselves of things they accomplished in life or something that they need to always remind themselves of. A way of individualizing themselves. Not just an “ugly’ chain tattoo.

    • Nikki Silver says

      Hey everyone,

      While I respect everyone’s individual tastes, I do very much appreciate this comment reminding members that models here are real people! They make choices about their physical appearance and expression for themselves, not for you!
      As you all know, the models on naughtynatural are very unique. Other hairy sites find a generic pretty girl and have her grow out her body hair and then shoot a bunch of content of her. The models’ on NaughtyNatural are hairy as a personal lifestyle, they are free thinkers, they are wild, they are unique individual’s and with that, you get their unique, individual styles, what a gift!
      I do hope you all can take gatoblanco’s comment to heart next time you are poo pooing a model’s tattoos.


  3. gatoblanco says


  4. kernelpasskey says

    Kisa ass hole is perfect

  5. Nikki and Kisa …hairy goddess !!!

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