4K! Kisa Wood Dresser

Kisa has fun posing on my dresser, lots of amazing hirsute close ups as always, shows armpits, spreads ass and pussy before masturbating.

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  1. frederic thibault says

    amazing kisa as always

  2. frederic thibault says

    hey nikki you should do a video with two incredible hairy girl kisa fae and olive wren

  3. shackwise12 says

    Kisa in buoyant mood, sat atop Nikki’s dresser, wearing pink and white, she proceeds to explain the circumstances of her wonderful hirsute body, and is genuinely happy with her beautiful hairy attributes! Kisa enjoys some light-hearted banter with Nikki, before alighting from the dresser and beginning to disrobe! With clothing seductively removed we see the full wonder of Kisa’s superb toned and hairy body! Shaking her shapely booty for us and stretching her bod, we are regally entertained! Finally Kisa sits back on to the dresser and begins to fondle her lovely hairy pussy! Surely one of the best and confident hairy models to be seen, a great 19+ mins of pleasure, more great work Nikki!! šŸ„°

  4. truloverofhairywomen says

    Would luv to chew on her hot and hairy pussy lips Mmmmmmm…

  5. Wonderful change-of-pace interview style video of Kisa. It was really great hearing Kisa describe what it was like to go from being someone who was obsessed with conforming to society’s expectations of being a hairless female to the liberated, self-actualized confident Kisa we see today on this site. Always great seeing the pics and videos of Kisa. Can’t wait until we see the sets she did with you and Pearl last year. Hopefully we’ll see more sets of her in the new year

  6. Lover her pussy.

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