Pregnant and Hairy!

Azaela is back and with a big pregnant belly! 8 months pregnant, hairy, glowing and beautiful!

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  1. W(o)(o)W!!!!

  2. Hi. Is it possible to create a pregnant or lactating category? Also – would it be possible to record a movie where a lactating girls sprays a milk on others girl pussy / pits / ass and licks it? 🙂

    • Nikki Silver says

      I do think I will create a pregnant category and include lactation in it. I love your idea but haven’t encountered hairy models who were lactating at the time of shooting. I certainly will shoot it if I come across it while shooting! If you’d specifically like to see a lactating video of a hairy model, keep a look out on social media for who is hairy and order a custom video from me of them.

      • Mazzarin69 says

        Thanks for the answer Nikki. I really like hear that you share my idea 🙂 I am aware of only one hairy lactating model and her name is Aali Rousseau. Hopefully there will be more gilrs like her on your site soon 🙂

  3. Oh very atmospheric and natural this one..especially the din of dogs barking in the background !

  4. hairylover7 says

    Wunderful pregnant Girl with nice hairs and pussy

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