4K! River Nymph

Kisa shows off her beautiful, hirsute body and makes herself cum at the river.

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  1. frederic thibault says:

    the lovely kisa is so hirsute in 4k thank you nikki for the great video

  2. shackwise12 says:

    Now the difficulty in writing a review is you have to keep your hands to yourself, and take a detached, dispassionate view of the production, in order to provide an effective perspective, ( oh yeah I hear you say!!). Anyway here comes the “Oh Wow!!”, the superb, super hairy Kisa materialises in a gorgeous babbling river, on an obviously hot day! In bra and jean shorts, showing gorgeous hairy legs and armpits, Kisa commences to stretch and wiggle, displaying her lovely hairy body for all to see! Her super long tresses and sublime figure are sent to excite us within this breath-taking natural setting with associated sound effects! With bra removed, we are shown Kisa’s lovely hairy nipples, hairy arms to boot!! With panties, g-string?, removed, Kisa pulls at her pubic hair and massages her pussy, also caressing her entire body. Those super nipples get a provocative tweek!, and onto that fold-away chair, Kisa takes up position in the flow! Close-ups are brilliant, with hairy legs top to toe, and pubic, treasure trail highlighted! Erotic moans, gasps and groans, Kisa heads toward that glorious finale, sucking her fingers along the way! Soooo good, a great vid Nikki, with one of the best models around! Apologies I forgot to include Kisa’s fabulous facial hair in the review! Maybe the next vid will show Kisa getting super wet in the babbling brook! Can’t wait!!

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