4K! Saccharine

Kisa loves sucking on... lollipops, her yummy lips wrap around the candy, complete with all her magical little facial hairs, framing her dick sucking lips so well, oops - I mean lollipop sucking lips...

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  1. frederic thibault says

    great video kisa is the best

  2. shackwise12 says

    A superb vid, the “moving depiction” of Kisa’s current photo-shoot! Awe inspiring background scenery, served as a great backdrop to Kisa’s own wild and beautiful body features! The angry looking clouds and associated wind noises added a touch of drama to the action! Kisa has amazing bodyhair legs,arms,armpits, facial and of course pussy/bottom! A slow striptease ensued, removing top, shorts and finally underwear! All the while Kisa was very suggestively sucking on a cherry red lollipop! The white, strappy, heeled sandals contrasted perfectly with the lovely dark leg hair! Finale was Kisa, seated and whilst still sucking away, rubbing her lovely exposed, pink and juicy pussy! A great model, professional filming, and one to watch many times over! Hearts and Stars aplenty!

  3. iancarlson755 says

    Favorite Kisa quote: “I Don’t care if you can’t breathe… This is about ME!!!!”

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