Twirl into Ecstasy

Kisa is so cute. I can't believe how innocent she seems twirling around in her short red dress. She soon takes it off though and starts playing with her very hairy pussy.

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  1. It works for me but even if Kisa is a great hairy model. I appreciate new ones

  2. It works for me too now. Definitely worth a download and watch, as usual. One member recently complained about the same models appearing a tad too often for his taste, but I kindly beg to differ. To me, every picture set and every video seems to have a purpose. I obviously like some models over others, but Kisa is one of several I can´t get enough of. NN continues to be THE site to go to for when looking for hairy content.

    • Nikki Silver says

      Glad it works! Thanks E.N. It’s clear that you all love Kisa, Harley and myself, so I update with us three a lot! I update with a new model every other month so you get 6 new models a year, and 6 partnered, girl/girl or boy/girl scenes. I’m very picky about who I shoot, and I think that’s better than just having new faces all the time! As is, there are over 80 models on this site so you have a lot of choose from!

  3. Lizzydizzy says

    shes definitely hot, but i cant deal with the facial hair

    • canklelover says

      To each their own, Lizzydizzy. Some folks like a full bush but shaved legs. Hairy armpits but no breast hair. Everyone has their taste.

      To me Miss Kisa’s facial hair is the sexiest hair on her. Actually, I would love if her mustache and beard were even fuller, thicker.

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