Wet n Hairy

Another wet and wild video of our favorite hairy gal, Kisa Fae!

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  1. thezip001 says:

    I’m always excited, and I mean EXCITED, to see Kisa. The sneak preview with the pictures were amazing. But this video is just magnificent. You don’t get to hear Kisa’s fabulous little giggly laugh in pictures and she thrills me with it throughout the video. You don’t get to see her ass cheeks quiver either.

    A lot of time is spent with closeups of Kisa’s incredible face. Kisa fans will know why this is so special. Seeing this gorgeous natural woman in this crazy secluded natural setting is the best.

    Just sit back, relax and enjoy this idyllic setting with this princess. But you better sit on your hands. Otherewise you won’t be able to keep your hands off yourself and you’ll be over long before the video.

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