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updated 10.17.17

Marathon Babe

Jiz is on a run and finds an abandoned picnic spot complete with blueberries! They stop to rest and soon are putting their hands down their pants to get some of their athletic energy out through an orgasm! More

Hairy Beauty

Vivi is relaxing in my bed with a book and gets turned on. Her super dark armpit and bush hair looks amazing as she fondles it before spreading her ass and pussy to masturbate. More

Bushy Garden

Roxanne is checking on my plants, putting some seeds into their pods. She can’t help but get turned on in her loose slip which easily shows her big, hairy red bush and thick armpit hair. She gets nude and rubs jasmin flowers on her pussy before spreading her ass wide and masturbating. More

Nikki and Simone!


Simone and I got wet and wild in this sexy, hairy, lesbian video! You don’t want to miss us spraying each other with a hose, making out and licking each others’ hairy armpits and pussys, eating ass, riding each others faces and some hardcore finger fucking from behind! More

updated 10.19.17

Hairy Lily

Jane is lookin’ better than ever! So sexy in her tight dress and white bra and panties set against her super dark hair, enjoy! More

Hairy Ass

Vivi is lookin’ hot! Long hair, thick dark body hair and juicey butt! Enjoy this sexy new set. More

Simone and Nikki


Simone and I are lookin’ better than ever, am I right? Long hair and all natural, mature hairy bodies! We had so much fun posing and playing together, Simone is such a babe! Some really great pussy licking shots in this one. Video to cum. More

Crystal Visions

Harley and I went out to capture some magic as the sun set. For full effect please play Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ while viewing this set! This is possibly my favorite set of Harley ever! So sexy and dreamy! More


Need Input for Solo Content of Me!

give me your requests now, if I think they are appealing for most members, I’ll do it! Don’t delay, starting Thursday at noon Pacific Standard Time I’ll be in the woods … More


New Idea for Girl/Girl Scenes!

…I came up with an idea called a ‘Fan Collaboration Video’ – I’ll give a discount of $100, because I also want to see more girl/girl scenes so for only $500 you can get a lesbian hairy sex scene of your choosing produced!… More


Meet Jiz!

For me, my body hair is a part of my natural gender and physical expression, and being forced to remove it makes me feel forced to be more feminine. While I sometimes trim my arms and pubic hair, I rarely shave or wax. In fact, I really dislike the sensation of bare skin. It feels uncomfortable and More


What do you want to see me and Simone do?

I will be shooting a girl/girl scene with Simone is about 2 weeks and I want to know what you want to see us do! …. More


Interested in Modelling?

I don’t yet have up a model application. If you are interested in becoming a NaughtyNatural model it’s probably a lot easier than you think! Just shoot me an email at NikkiSilverNN@gmail.com w/ a few recent photos and we’ll go from there. I travel a bit so even if you are not in the Bay Area, do sti More

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