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Felix is back!



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updated 08.25.15

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Black and White

Liv’s dark body hair looks amazing set against these white sheets, her hard nipples polk through her crocheted top and she plays with them before using a big dildo on her extremely hairy pussy! Watch her black pussy hairy cling to the dildo as she pushes it in and out of her creamy pussy. More

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River Nymph

Kara has fun exploring the river and doing some yoga stretching nude. She gets so turned on though she has to make herself cum. Watch her use both hands at once on her clit as she brings herself to powerfull orgasm. More

vivi wheelbarrow still (1 of 1)

Strawberry Girl

Vivi is working hard on the land, pushing around wheelbarrows in the sun. Her short dress keeps blowing up as she works. Soon she gets overheated and has to take it all off and make sure supple and slender body rock with orgasm. More

Felix Meadow still (1 of 1)

Meadow Dancer

Felix is a trained dancer and moved through this field with such amazing grace during our photoset that we had to do a video of it. Luckily you get to watch her move her supple body, spread her legs… More

updated 08.27.15

liv knife 1 (1 of 1)


Final set of the gorgeous and ever fierce Liv. Watch her bend and pose her slender, furry body but beware, this girl is dangerous! More

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Another great set from Ellen Stagg. I am loving my long hair, and touching my wet, hairy pussy, enjoy! More

Kara river 1 (1 of 1)

New Model!

Welcome new model Kara D. This jubliant, young, blonde natural lady was a joy to shoot! More

felix field 1

Private Dancer

The gorgeous Felix dances through this grassy field in some beautiful, black, lace lingerie. Her supple body bends showing off her juicey butt and thick furry armpits, and perfect pink pussy! More


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More of Harley Hex!


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Self Bondage Photo and Video Set of Me!


Fire Bush Madison Young!


Dildo Survey

Hey there Everyone! I haven’t written a blog post in a minute so I figured I would go ahead and write one. Well, I recently shot 2 new models(one, the red head I posted about a little while ago) for NaughtyNatural and re-shoot the beautiful Maggie Mayhem. All three of them brought glass dildo’s to use and it made me… More


Self-Shooting Day, give me ideas!

Hey everyone! I’m going to be doing a self shooting day on Weds and want your ideas! I already have a few, stuff that’s more engaging with the camera as opposed to the more voyeurisitic type shoots. But let me know what you want to see me do! Different kinds of roles plays, particular positions, particular shots like close up… More


Off to NY again!

Hey everyone! I hope you all are well. It’s a bright, Sunday morning and I am drinking coffee (I make mine in a turkish coffee maker and put LOTS of cardamom in it, yummy) after watering my garden. My tomatoes are about to fruit, huge acorn squashs, japanese eggplants, arugula, tons of flowers and herbs like thyme, tulsi basil, calendula… More


The History of Body Hair

I have an intern! And she proposed writing a series of essays on the cultural and political reasons for women shaving and not shaving. Here’s her first installment, enjoy! All of you are here because you’re somewhere between unfazed and turned on by women’s body hair. Most of you probably know that women’s body hair, at least in America, has… More


Want to send me something?

If you’d like to mail me a present or send me your payment for naughtynatural directly via check, money order or cash here’s the address! PO Box 23003 1675 7TH ST OAKLAND, CA 94615-9719 DO NOT PUT A NAME ABOVE ‘PO BOX’ I’ve had trouble receiving letters with a name above so just leave it blank, you do not need… More

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