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Interview w/Cookie



Trailer for my Latest Hairy Dance and Masturbation Video; 'Bliss' Updating Sep 24th, 6pm PST

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updated 09.29.16


Hairy Fetish

Harley got all dressed up in a tight short skirt, thigh highs and a garter belt. Her tight outfit shows off her amazing curves and super hairy body! She uses clothespins on her nipples and gets so turned on she starts playing with her hairy pussy. More

Nikki Silver White Still (1 of 1)


I came home to such beautiful light pouring in my window. I put on my long white silk dress and my favorite music and just starting moving my body. I strip off my clothes, getting a few close ups here and there until I’m totally naked, playing with my body hair in the amazing light. Then I lay down More

Cookie_WhiteLace_Still (1 of 1)

White Lace

Cookie is wearing only a white lace shawl in the middle of the woods. Her huge puffy bush sticks out and she can’t help but play with it as she sways and moves. She starts rubbing coconut oil into her skin and soon has to remove her shawl to access her breasts and upper arms. Soon she is rubbing it More

Olivia_River_Vid_Still (1 of 1)

Snow Queen

Olivia looks amazing with her blood red lips and nails, pale skin and jet black hair. She frolicks by the river before undressing and climbing over rocks to splash river water on her hairy bush. The trickling water turns her on and she masturbates to orgasm amongst the flowing river. More

updated 09.27.16


More Harley!

Harley is back and lookin’ better than ever! Thick, furry armpits, beautiful curves, enjoy! More

Nikki_Silver_White_Still (1 of 1)

Goddess in White

White mini dress and thong outside, doesn’t get much better than this, I look freakin’ amazing! Lots of spready pussy and dark hair shots. This dress was actually a gift from one of you! Hope you enjoy this set! More


Bonus Set! Hairy Movie Star

Whose that you’ve spotted from across the gardens, it is hairy film star Nikki Silver? Looking glamorous and reading sci fi in her short dress and heels showing off her hairy calves and armpits? More

Cookie_Redwoods_1 (1 of 1)

Big Hips Mama

I love this very vintage feeling set so much. Welcome back to the 70’s with Cookie in an embroidered shawl, with her wide hips and untouched, natural body. Her high waisted panties and bra make her look like she’s from another time, enjoy this set of her risrobing in the redwoods. More



October 1st! Body Tour w/ Eleanor Rose!


my_hairy_stepmom (1 of 1)-5

New Girl/Girl Scene featuring Kisa Fae Sep 8th!


Kisa_Faerie_Promo (1 of 1)

New Photoset of Kisa Fae August 25th!


Rococo_Bed_Still1 (1 of 1)

New Model! Rococo Royalle


Nikki in NY

Hey everyone,

Hope you all are well and enjoying the very beginning of fall! At least in the northern hemisphere.

I’m in NY and it’s so lovely to feel the crisp air on my hairy legs. It’s warm enough to wear long skirts with the breeze blowing up them but cool enough that it’s refreshing so ni More


Site Improvements!

Hey Everyone,

Well, I just got back from a few days of shooting Ivy and Willow, the young lesbian couple I posted about a month or two back! Everything went super well and I’m sure you’ll love the content, these two are so sexy and adventurous!

I don’t have too much time to write as I’ve got t More


Summer Adventures

Hey everyone!

I’ve been off having a new adventure every week or so and haven’t time to be on the site, so I’m back!

I just got back from spending some time at a nude resort in the beautiful redwoods. I lounged by the pool all day and swam, tanning my natural body in the sunlight and spent my More


Vote on Prospective Models

          A beautiful young lesbian couple contacted me about shooting. A blonde and a brunette. They are both gorgeous and want to do solo and a shoot together. I wouldn’t have any hesitations except they both have a number of tattoos and not the thickest body hair. Other than that I feel pretty certain they will produce… More


Interested in Modelling?

I don’t yet have up a model application. If you are interested in becoming a NaughtyNatural model it’s probably a lot easier than you think! Just shoot me an email at w/ a few recent photos and we’ll go from there. I travel a bit so even if you are not in the Bay Area, do sti More

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