Latest Hardcore Hairy Lesbian Video: 'Hairy Casting Couch 2' Featuring Nikki Silver and Jane Vervain!

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updated 04.29.17


Hairy Domina

I know you love worshipping all natural hairy women, especially me right? The queen of all the hairy girls. Come worship my gorgeous, all natural body in this sexy, dominant video. More



Continuing the theme of blonde girls starting off in tom – boy looking clothes to reveal lacey under things. Enjoy Ivy stripping and masburbating amongst the redwoods! More


Real Tree

Vestacia loves being outdoors so much, she stashed her dildo in an Oak tree for just this purpose! This gorgeous, hairy blonde strips naked before fucking herself standing up! More


Yoga Instructor Role Play

Lilith Luxe is your new in home yoga instructor. She’s very in touch with her body and wants to help you get in touch with yours. Trouble is you just can’t seem to stay focused on following her instructions as she’s so sexy, in her tight yoga pants, with her barefeet and hairy armpits exposed. She c More

updated 04.27.17


Hairy Power

Do you like powerful, hairy women? This was my first time wearing a corset and I have say, I liked it! Enjoy my hairy power! More



Vestacia starts off in some boys camo underwear n boyish tee shirt. She looks so cute flashing her bush from it. Underneath it’s all lace and feminine, hairy goodness! More



Kisa looks so beautiful set against the redwoods which really match her multi-colored reddish brown hair! She blends right in but of course stands out! Don’t miss this gorgeous set. More


Meet Jane Vervain!


Welcome new model and wonderful friend of mine; Jane Vervain! With us you get 2 girls with long dark hair and thick calf hair! Enjoy these photos of us in my backyard getting naked and then getting even naughtier indoors… More



Dominant Nikki in Corset April 27th



New Lesbian Scene of Nikki and New Model April 6th!


New Photos and Video of Nikki! – Jan 17th!


New Model Serai


Last Chance for Kisa/Harley Input!

Kisa will be here in just a few shorts days and then I’ll be in the throws of a multi-week long hairy porn shooting extravaganza with her and the illustrious Harley Hex! Now is your last chance to make requests… More


Want to see more Lingerie?

I am running out of garter belts, thigh highs, etc, to outfit the lovely ladies of NaughtyNatural in. So! I have added a bunch of different options of garter belts and thigh highs, etc to my wishlist here: More


Cali, here I cum!

“…It’s been a while since I’ve been in front of the camera–I’ve been too busy with my nose in my schoolbooks! So I’ve got a lot of pent up sexual energy and…” More


Need Input!

I need some help. I am figuring out my shooting schedule for this spring. As you may know Kisa and Harley are flying out here and I am going to shoot them together as well as a 3-way of the the 3 of us. Exciting right? My question is, should I shoot it indoors or outdoors? My inclination is to shoot More


Interested in Modelling?

I don’t yet have up a model application. If you are interested in becoming a NaughtyNatural model it’s probably a lot easier than you think! Just shoot me an email at w/ a few recent photos and we’ll go from there. I travel a bit so even if you are not in the Bay Area, do sti More

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