Hairy Pantie Sniffer

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Brooke Lingerie

Brooke teases you with her luxuriously all-natural body– from her lady-beard down to her hairy legs. Her huge honey colored bush pools out of her lace panties as she noodles around. Slowing stripping down to her garter belt and stockings before stroking her hairy pussy to orgasm.


Brooke Lingerie


Endless Hairy Curves

Don’t you just love these curvy, voluptous and hairy bodies in red lingerie? Delilah, Brooke and I had such a good time kissing and licking each other’s armpits and licking each others’ hairy pussys!



Freya is so stunning isn’t she?!


A Woozy Youth!

I know you loved Rin’s Lesbian Feature with BushyBaby, now I bring you Rin taking up the whole frame! This super cutie with a booty really is just so charming and sexy, just makes me wanna grab, squeeze, lick and fuck them silly.


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Quinn’s fantasitc, all natural hour glass body really is highlighted in this vintage lingerie. I simply adore her curves, paired with a pair of delicious furry pits and fluffy bush!


Pussy Licking Instruction with Hairy MILF Boss GF

You are lucky to be dating a high powered CEO boss business lady, Mx. Brujx. She has a hard day at work, an over-eager new assistant who won’t stop staring at her hairy legs and spills coffee all over her. Luckily you are there to help her relax at the end of her difficult day on the job with a nice thorough, pussy licking. You adore her supple, all natural, hairy MILF body in her garters, stockings and heels and you love how she instructs you exactly how she wants to be licked so she can cum all over your eager face.


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Brujx Babe is all dressed up and showing off her amazing jet black bush and hairy pits, not to mention her gorgeous face and figure!