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05.09.14 - 164 photos

Lazy Afternoon

well, we are having some rather annoying server issues but I am doing my damnest to get you updates regardless! This is Chloe, not me. And doesn’t she look amazing? Full photoset include spread ass/pussy shots from behind and lots of beautiful armpit photos, enjoy!

04.10.14 - 56 photos

New Model! Tape Love

Welcome new model Chloe. Known as Barb on other sites but she’s decided to call herself Chloe now, I like it better, and I think you will too. She’s into music so we did this set with her tape player. Enjoy.

06.24.14 10:51 minutes

Music Girl

Chloe loves music. As you can see in her other video ‘Tape Love’ she gets really turned on by old school methods of listening to music. That’s why we started this video with her looking through her record collection, to get her nice and juicey…


Pussy Magic

Chloe grabbed this crystal ball, which I remember from my childhood and started playing with it. She couldn’t help but put her pussy up against it’s warmth.

05.10.14 12:47 minutes

Lazy Afternoon

04.12.14 14:09 minutes

Tape Love

This girl can dance! Even on a bed, she moves her hips in ways that drove me wild watching it and I’m sure will get you hot and bothered as well.